For one week, every year, 1 000 participants and amazing speakers from all over the world gather in Malmö, Sweden, to share their insights on Human Behavior, New Technologies and the Execution of Ideas.

The Conference by Media Evolution is Scandinavia’s most important conference and it attracts, among others, executives and creatives working with communication, design, planning and programming. It is a week-long event with a two day conference packed with a great mix of inspiring and hands-on speeches.

The rest of the week another 1 000 people participate in workshops, masterclasses, meet-ups and festivities we and our partners organize.

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Why you should participate


Kickstart the fall 2014 after the lazy summer vacations with a major dose up-to-date inspiration from the digital society. A great way to boost engagement for fall.

Get the latest insights from extraordinary speakers from multiple disciplines on the media industries and factors that affect society at large. A great mix of visionary thoughts and hands-on tips for you to shine at the office. You will be inspired!

Expand your network! 2000 people, leading entrepreneurs, scientists, executives as well as exciting start-ups, all in the same room, makes for many contacts to be established!

Experience Malmö, the not so royal super creative Swedish city. Famous for its city beach, great food and striving cultural scene. And yes, there’s a free-of-charge city festival going on during the week of The Conference!

Or like #theconf speaker 2013 Cindy Gallop would put it: Participate in The Conference ”to have your mind blown”