Never satisfied, ever debated, always engaging. Malmö is a character of its own; a visionary city with a strong will and the confidence to move forward, and go its own way.

Malmö, the not so royal, southern pearl of Sweden is where The Conference by Media Evolution is organized.

A Center for innovation

Malmö has been Swedish since the Danes gave it back in 1658, and nowadays there’s a super cool bridge connecting Malmö to Copenhagen.

In recent years, Malmö has made an amazing journey from a Detroit style industry-dense city to an international center for innovation and culture.

We love Malmö and we bet you will too!

August is the best time to be in Malmö (what a coincidence). The weather is great, the beach is right in the city, and the Malmö festival with tons of free music is in full swing. Malmö is big and it's small, always a lot going on but easy to get around. Rent a bike or take a walk, everything is near.

Regarding Malmo, it's just a really special place. It feels undiscovered in the best way - every bar, every restaurant feels like a hidden gem.
-Kate Miltner


Creative people, companies and students are thriving in the sharing is caring-culture, and in 2013 Malmö ranked fourth on Forbes list over the most innovative cities… in the world. Kind of great for a city with 300k inhabitants.

Malmö might be small but it shares the features of big metropolises with a vibrant urban life and a rich cultural life. It is the city of youth and diversity. 50 percent are younger than 30 and collected, the people of Malmö speak 176 different languages.

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